Apr 28, 2010

Getaway Gossip and Secret Stitcher Clue #4

The days are quickly passing and the Getaway is just days away now! I can't believe how fast time is passing and how many things still need to be done... Then end is in sight now though and we're just about ready for all the stitchers that are coming to the retreat. There are so many great things in store for this coming weekend. Everyone in the shop is getting very excited.

We did a little math and we've estimated that just for attending the Getaway, folks are going to receive goodies worth a minimum of $150 - and that's just to start with. There will be lots of opportunity to win more goodies!

It's time for Clue #4 on our Secret Stitcher Guessing Game:

Our Secret Stitcher once owned a needlework shop.

Figured it out yet?

Apr 25, 2010

Getaway Gossip and Secret Stitcher Clue #3

Sorry for being a bit late posting Clue #3. Barbara and I have been working like crazy to get everything ready. I can't believe the Getaway is only 5 days away!

We had another sign up this past week (yipee!) and Kathrin tells me that she's heard from some of our attendees that they've been shopping for new PJs for the pajama party. I bought mine a couple of weeks ago. I found slippers today too.

So without further ado, here's Clue #3:

She has designed collaboration projects with other well-known designers.

Have you figured it out yet?

We'll be posting clue #4 on Wednesday as some stitchers will be travelling on Thursday and we don't want anyone to miss one.

Apr 23, 2010

There's stash and then there STASH

So today was spent doing some more sorting of things that have been donated to the getaway.... I finally remembered to bring my camera with me.

How about a preview?

Is that helpful? No? Maybe this one is better....

Still not helping much, is it? Well let me say, we've managed to cover 3 6ft. long tables with stash. And I didn't take pictures of what's hiding on the other side of the room.

So do you think our stitchers will be spoiled rotten? I sure do!

Don't miss out on all the goodies - sign up today - there's only a few rooms left!

Apr 16, 2010

Getaway Gossip and Secret Stitcher Clue #2

It's Friday again. Just a few Getaway updates and reminders.

Guess Who's Coming to Stitch Clue #2: Our Secret Stitcher favours samplers.

Don't forget to work on your Name Tag - you could win a prize!!!!! Don't loose any sleep though, just your name in a funky font will do.

There have been a few inquiries regardting the Random Act of Kindness draw. Only those preparing a gift pack will participate. It is not meant to cost you anything, just go through your stash, pick a few items that you do not need any more, but would be a nice new gift for a fellow stitcher ( approx. $20-40 value). Pack it in clear wrapping, and at Sunday Brunch you can then choose a different gift pack to take home.

Another item you will want to bring, is your entry for the Project Parade. We will have a tag for you to fill out at check in, with your name, project name, and why it is dear to you.

Other news:
This week we have finalized our room assignments for the Getaway Weekend and there are only a few rooms left. So if you're still thinking about how to spend your tax refund, why not spend it relaxing and stitching in a posh hotel with award-winning food.

The sponsor contributions have been phenomenal. No one will go home empty handed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check out the list on the left - and there's still more things coming in!

Apr 14, 2010

And the winner is......

We're running a bit behind, but we have had the draw for the last room upgrade.

Our winner is..................

Donna C.!!!!

Congratulations Donna! We hope you enjoy your room!

Apr 10, 2010

Getaway Update and Secret Stitcher Clue #1

The Getaway is fast approaching....and there are so many prizes and giveaways that have been donated that it's getting hard to keep track of them all. More are due to arrive in the next week as well. The sponsor list just keeps growing and growing!

I'm enjoying reading people's guesses for just who our secret stitcher is going to be. We'll be giving away a prize at the getaway for the person who guesses correctly. If more than one person guesses correctly, we'll draw from the correct answers to find the winner. That does mean that unless you're attending the retreat, you can't win a prize. But you can still guess!!!!!!! (and if there are enough on-line guesses of non-attendees, I will likely do my own draw and send my own prize to the winner, just because I'm a nice person and it's just fun!)

Anyway, for the next couple of weeks, I'll be posting a new clue to help everyone figure out just who might be coming to dinner!

Our Secret Stitcher has artistic prowess that goes beyond charted designs

Kathrin is in the process of getting set up to post to this blog herself, so she'll be mostly taking over the blog soon.

Don't forget that the draw for the upgraded room is on Monday, April 12th. Sign up today!