Nov 24, 2011

Teddy & Me Tea Party Workshop

It's about time that I post something again.  The shop (Gitta's) always gets busy in the fall and this year is no exception.  Although for the last few weeks I've been busy thinking and preparing for our Christmas Open House on December 3rd, I have also been working on the Getaway and the Needleworkers MarketPlace.  I know its still 4 months 2 weeks and 6 days away, but great things can't be left to the last minute.

I'm very excited about the exclusive Teddy & Me Tea party workshop that will be offered to our retreaters.  For the workshop, I wanted to offer a technique that not all of us have much experience with and then uniquely finishing it, other than simply framing it or turning it into an ornament. Not having much experience myself with this needleart form I have invited an expert to help in both the design and teaching.  So not only will the project be a surprise, the instructor will be as well.  She will join us for the pajama party, and take part in the Designer Meet & Greet displaying her own designs.
For those of you that were at Gitta's 1st retreat in 2010, you will remember that guessing our Secret designer will be rewarded with a prize.  We will start posting clues in March of 2012.

Please note: that the Early Bird draw has been extended to January 13th, 2012.  Everyone that has signed up for the Getaway by that date will be entered into the draw.  The lucky 3 winners will have their (already luxury accommodations) upgraded to either a Penthouse or King Suite.