Apr 6, 2012

See you next week

Only 7 more sleeps until Gitta's Getaway retreat. 
I thought a final check list might be a great help while packing for the weekend.

1) What is a Pajama Party & sleep over without your favourite Teddy Bear.  And being that this year we also have a Teddy & Me Tea party workshop, why not bring your favourite Fuzzy Wuzzy.  But that is not to say,  it specifically has to be a Teddy bear.  Here are my two!  But sadly one will have to stay home. 

2) You will also need some awesome PJ's or flannels, fuzzy slippers, and anything else you would like to wear for Friday night's Pajama Party.  Each hotel suite has luxurious bathrobes, just incase you do not want to be seen in your PJ's as you make your way to the stitching lounge.  So no excuses!

3) Your Project Parade item.  Every stitcher has a special project that they are extremely proud of or has special meaning.  They will all be on display in the stitcher's lounge for all to enjoy and appreciate. 

4) Your Random Act of Kindness exchange item(s), if you wish to participate in the exchange.

5) Your "Guess the Instructor" guess must be handed in at 6pm, at the start of our Pajama Party.  So go through all the clues again,  put them all together, and submit your best guess.     Good Luck!!

Have a Happy Easter and see you all next Friday.

Apr 1, 2012

Guess the Instructor Clue #4

Only 12 more sleeps and another Gitta's Getaway begins.  How exciting!  And this year will prove to be the best one of them all.  Our suppliers have out done themselves this year, with fabulous gifts for everyone and others that will be drawn at random and used as game prizes.  And, oh the games! The games will already begin at check-in.   Speaking of that, here is your next clue for our first game, "Guess the Instructor" for our exclusive GG Workshop on Friday evening.

Clue #4: Not an Exhibitor
Although, she has attended other shows and taught at guilds, she is NOT one of the exhibitors at the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace.  We will also have the pleasure of her company all weekend;  she will stay over and join us as a Gitta's Stitching Wizard on Saturday.

The photo is a little snippet of her workshop project.