Jan 29, 2011

Early Bird Draw

This coming Monday is the deadline for the Gitta's Getaway Early Bird Draw.  Tuesday morning we will draw 3 names from all those who are registered for the Getaway as of Midnight January 31st, 2011.  These lucky winners will have their rooms upgraded to a 1 bedroom Penthouse Suite or a Deluxe King Suite. Good luck everyone.

Remember to visit the website Gitta's for the registration form or contact the store.

Jan 28, 2011

Difference between Retreat and Marketplace

People have been asking us to explain the difference between the Retreat and the Marketplace  so here it is.
Gitta’s Getaway
Location : Waterside Inn,
Port Credit(Mississauga), ON

Date: Friday April 1st, Sat. April 2nd & Sun. April 3rd 2011

Gitta’s Getaway is an all-inclusive stress free weekend of 2 nights luxurious accommodations, meals, stitching, games and prizes, and fun.

An exclusive Round Robin workshop with 4 Canadian Designers.

Pajama Party, Sneak Peek of the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace, Welcome Package goodies, Banquet Dinner, help from 2 experienced Stitch Wizards, and shop at the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace.

Free access to the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace
Workshops held through the NWMP will have extra fees

For more information please visit the Events page at www.gittas.com or http://gittasgetaway.blogspot.com  

Location : Waterside Inn,
Port Credit(Mississauga), ON

Date: Saturday April 2nd & Sunday April 3rd 2011

A needlearts show for designers to exhibit their designs and product lines, and stitchers to meet the designers, see what’s new and shop.

One Day and Two Day passes available
(you don't need to be attending the retreat to attend the MarketPlace)

Collaboration 15 sided Biscornu: Collect a free “thank you” design from each designer, and the finishing instruction will be your reward

Attend workshops held by some of your favourite designers.

For more information please visit

Jan 19, 2011

Round Robin Stash

I was in the store today and was able to get a picture of the stash that is being considered for the Retreat Round Robin.
Here are the colours that Kathrin, Jeannette, Laura, and Brenda are considering.
The hand -dyed silk will be Blue Grass by Gloriana, the solid colours are not yet confirmed.  All of these colours look so nice and now to see what colours are decided on.  The theme for the round robin is still being bounced back and forth so hope to hear soon what the final decision on the theme is.

Another spot has also been sold for the retreat so there are now only 17 spots remaining.

People have been signing up for the workshops and buying tickets for the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace.  Anyone attending the Getaway doesn't need tickets for the MarketPlace as they are included in the Getaway price.

More information when I hear some.

Jan 17, 2011

Retreat and MarketPlace news

The cold weather that we have been having here in Toronto hasn't spotted people from visiting the shop and signing up for the Retreat.  The number continues to grow and there are only 18 spots left for this year.  If you haven't signed up yet why not do it before January 31st when the room upgrade draw takes place.

For those of you waiting to sign up for the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace workshops, the page is now available.  Remember space is limited for each of the classes so the earlier you register the better chance you have of getting into the workshops that you would like to attend.

One item did come up at the store and it was noticed that the Project Parade form was not in the envelope we received when we registered, but don't worry.  The form is available at the store and will also be available when you arrive at the Retreat.

Jan 10, 2011

Retreat Round Robin

The exclusive round robin that is going to be held on the Friday night for everyone attending the retreat is starting to sound very interesting.  I know that the designers have narrowed down the theme to two ideas and are now thinking through which would work best.

The designers that are involved in the retreat round robin are:
     Brenda Franklin
     Jeannette Douglas
     Kathrin Ellison
     Laura Dickson

This exclusive round robin sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun and a design that is going to be special for retreat attendees.

Remember that the Saturday and Sunday workshops that are being offered are through the NeedleWorkers Marketplace and are not included in the cost of the retreat.  These workshops needs to be signed up for separately and the costs are separate as well.

Jan 8, 2011

Workshops listed

Was having a look at the Needleworkers Marketplace website last night and noticed that the workshops are now listed.  Now to start figuring out what workshops sound interesting and ones that I want to take.  I think all of the workshops sound interesting it's just what do I want to do.

The workshops sound like they are going to be a lot of fun and a chance to not just mingle with people from the getaway but also people who are attending for the day.

Remember that even if you are attending the getaway you need to sign up for these workshops separately as they are not included in the price of the getaway. 

Hope to have some more news later this week about the getaway so keep checking back to see what I have learned.

Jan 5, 2011

Registration number grows again

It's a new year and it's great to say that the number for the Gitta's Getaway has increased in the last couple of days.

The Montreal connection contacted the shop and will be attending the getaway this year. Five people will be traveling from Montreal to attend the event this year.

Remember the draws for the room upgrades will be done at the end of January so everyone that is registered prior to that date will be entered into the draws.

Work is on going for the workshops and the retreat so will post news as it comes available.  Under three months to go before the getaway so remember your name tags. 

If you have any questions with regards to the getaway, post them as comments to the blog and we will work on answering them.