Nov 24, 2011

Teddy & Me Tea Party Workshop

It's about time that I post something again.  The shop (Gitta's) always gets busy in the fall and this year is no exception.  Although for the last few weeks I've been busy thinking and preparing for our Christmas Open House on December 3rd, I have also been working on the Getaway and the Needleworkers MarketPlace.  I know its still 4 months 2 weeks and 6 days away, but great things can't be left to the last minute.

I'm very excited about the exclusive Teddy & Me Tea party workshop that will be offered to our retreaters.  For the workshop, I wanted to offer a technique that not all of us have much experience with and then uniquely finishing it, other than simply framing it or turning it into an ornament. Not having much experience myself with this needleart form I have invited an expert to help in both the design and teaching.  So not only will the project be a surprise, the instructor will be as well.  She will join us for the pajama party, and take part in the Designer Meet & Greet displaying her own designs.
For those of you that were at Gitta's 1st retreat in 2010, you will remember that guessing our Secret designer will be rewarded with a prize.  We will start posting clues in March of 2012.

Please note: that the Early Bird draw has been extended to January 13th, 2012.  Everyone that has signed up for the Getaway by that date will be entered into the draw.  The lucky 3 winners will have their (already luxury accommodations) upgraded to either a Penthouse or King Suite.

Jun 2, 2011

What's in a name?

During a conversation with a returning Getawayer, I called our weekend the Retreat.  She thought this word gave the wrong image of what our weekend is all about.  Although it has been officially baptized Gitta's Getaway, I do say Retreat a lot.  Possibly because other  shops or guilds generally refer to them as such.  We came by Getaway by playing on the G in Gitta's, even though we only go as far as the West Village of Port Credit.

Retreat, I was told, makes it sound like a religious- spiritual- finding yourself kind of gathering.  She felt our  weekend was more of a gathering of old friends and family; a fun sharing of times and laughter with other stitchers.  So then I commented, maybe we should call it  Gitta's "Get Together" as a better description of our weekend.

But what is in a name anyway?   Although for us, the Gitta's Gang, and those joining us from Mississauga and Toronto the hotel is only "down the road", we also have friends travelling in from Ottawa, Montreal, Aurora, Barrie, and Gravenhurst, to name a few, who are getting farther away.
But in essence aren't we all getting away from something?

As for the religious aspect associated with the term Retreat, after thinking about this I thought,  Retreat is actually not an incorrect reference, as the weekend allows us to reconnect with like minded people, to share our love of stitching, and to make new friends.  It is truly a mind cleansing of our everyday stressors -  isn't that soul fulfilling?!

May 26, 2011

Looking Forward to 2012

Plans for Gitta's Getaway  2012 are being finalized.  Our plan, once again, is to pamper all our attendees;  with the luxurious atmosphere of the Waterside Inn, the fabulous gourmet meals, and time to stitch and mingle with other stitchers.  The stage is set for a stress free weekend to enjoy and relax.
Much of the schedule and weekend events will be unchanged, but we are always thinking of ways to make the weekend fresh and exciting.
But just how much can you improve on perfection?
Kathrin is busy designing her exclusive workshop, to be held on Friday evening during our first Teddy & Me Tea Party.  As in past years, we'll post clues to the design as the weekend approaches, but for now consider the title your first clue.

So mark April 13th-15th, 2012 on your calendar.
This is your weekend to be pampered and getaway from it all !!!

Registration will begin June 1st, 2011.
Be sure to register in time for the early bird draw.

Apr 9, 2011

Mommy it's oveerrrr!!!!!!!

Our second Getaway has come and gone, and what a weekend it was.  We were pampered, well dined, and enjoyed the company of designers and stitching friends. 18 of us were returning retreaters.
Friday night at the Pajama Party, while snacking on gourmet pizza and melt in your mouth chicken skewers, we were all treated to an exclusive designer "Meet & Greet".

The exclusive Round Robin workshop was held after the Meet & Greet.  This Celtic Bellpull on the left is the collaborated creation of 4 Canadian designers, Jeannette Douglas (top), Laura Dickson (middle), Kathrin Ellison (bottom) and Brenda Franklin (tassel).  What a wonderful project to have as a remembrance of this weekend.

The Project Parade, photos on the right, was on display in the stitchers lounge for all of us to enjoy all weekend.  All the finished pieces were amazing,
what a special treat to see everyone's work.

The bowl of biscornus was adorable.  Except for one, they were all the patterns from my blog.  Everyone's colour choices looked great; you'd be hard pressed to choose just one.  The photo of the sampler behind the biscornus is made up of the same motifs, but with a border.  For all of these patterns visit Kathrin's Blog

Saturday morning we enjoyed a " Taste of Europe" breakfast in the  Breakwater Restaurant.  At 9:00am  the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace opened and my kids welcomed both Gitta's Getaway Retreaters as well as the public.  The Workshop models were on display and everyone that came to the Market could enter into our draw, visit with the exhibitors, and attend workshops.  From each designer you could also collect a free pattern, all together these free designs could be finished into a 15 sided Biscornu.

All day the Retreaters could hang out in the Stitchers' Lounge, shop in the Designer Booths, vote on their favourite name tags, win prizes, enjoy a "Bistro" lunch, and afternoon Tea.  In the evening we held our Banquette Dinner with more Prize Draws.  Afterwards we returned to our Stitchers' Lounge and stitched until midnight.
Sunday started with Breakfast, followed by our Random Act of Kindness exchange.  Everyone had done such a fabulous job at putting their gift packages together.  31 of our retreaters participated and we drew names to determine the order of who could choose a gift package first.  The Stitchers' lounge and the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace were open until 5:00pm.  None of us wanted to go home; but all good things do come to an end.  I posted a photo album on my facebook page.  To view all the photos click on this link.

We all had a great weekend and everything ran smoothly.  There is much preparation and planning involved in the Getaway, that I would not be able to hold such an event without the help of so many.  Barbara was instrumental in preparing all the Confirmation packages you received once you signed up for the weekend, she liaised with the hotel, and organized and wrapped all the MaggieB Welcome bags, prizes, and banquette packages.  Darlene kept the blog up to date, keeping you all informed on the happenings and preparations under way for the Getaway.

Banquette Prizes

 Helen won the Name tag Contest


Our suppliers this year once again donated a wonderful selection of prizes.  This year everyone won something.  Our suppliers that donated to the weekend were:

A Needle Pulling Thread
Christine's Swedish Weaving
Black Tulip Designs
Brenda Franklin
Caron Collection
Crescent Colors
Daylight Lamps
Embroidery Canada
Enchanting Lair
Fleur de Paris
Gentle Art
Gitta's Charted Petit Point
Gloriana Silks
H. A. Kidd and Company Limited
Hoffman Distributing Company Inc.
Jack Pizioli Enterprises (Royal Paris)
JBW Designs
Jeannette Douglas
Kelmscott Designs
Kelsea sales (Loran Distributor)
Kreinik Mfg. ( Metallic Threads)
Lynne Nicoletti Designs
Norden Crafts
Rainbow Gallery
Rosewood Manor
Siemens Canada
Stoney Creek
The Printing Mill
The Thread Gatherer
Threadworx, Inc.
Victoria Sampler
Weeks Dye Works
Wichelt Imports
X's and Oh's

I would like to thank them for their generosity.

After dinner and all the prizes, everyone enjoyed looking through their Banquette Package 

Ietje was our only Stitch Wizard  in the Stitcher's lounge this year to help everyone with any of their stitching inquiries.  She had a great time with all the Retreaters; she is always welcoming and eager to share her love and knowledge of stitching.  Mary was unable to be with us this year, but she did manage to drop by for Lunch on Saturday.  It was wonderful seeing her.  
The rest of  Gitta's staff, including Gitta, were in the shop welcoming all retreaters and stitchers that dropped in over the weekend. 

  A special thank you goes out to all the designers that came to exhibit at the NeedleWorkers  MarketPlace.  They did a fabulous job decorating their suites, and added a new dimension to the weekend.  It was wonderful seeing all their finished designs and let's not forget the shopping.
                Oh, the shopping!!!!!

The Waterside Inn, as always made us all feel welcomed providing excellent service and food.  Their pampered rooms with luxurious bedding, extravagant decor, and scenic views, made us want to stay forever, well OK not forever, but atleast a little longer.  And the cute little washer/dryer in the kitchenettes were so tempting, that one retreater wanted to do laundry just to give them a try. Not me, I left all that at home.

And a final thank you to all our Retreaters and MarketPlace attendees.  Without our loyal stitchers we would not be here.  Many of you had commented on how wonderful the weekend was and that you were looking forward to next year.  All of the designers were just as enthusiastic about returning next year. They loved the concept of the Market and they loved all of you.

Not sure when, but as decisions regarding next year are made, we will post to the blog.  If you are not on our email listing please send us an email to add you, as I will notify everyone by email once we have more information regarding next year.

Thank you to all

Apr 3, 2011

Day Two

It's now the end of the second day and some of the stitchers were in the lounge until midnight again tonight.  After a wonderful banquet dinner with many wonderful prizes, a number of stitchers quickly got back into pajamas to continue the pajama party that started last night.

Here is a picture of the Gitta's Getaway Gang taken just after dinner.
Gitta's Getaway Gang 2011
As you can see the friendships from last year are continuing and new friendships are being made.  Everyone is enjoying spending a weekend with like-minded stitchers.  The MarketPlace meant a lot of shopping, comparing of new stash, trying new techniques and chatting with designers that we love.

Have lots more to say but sleep is calling and there is still another day of sharing good times and creating lasting memories.

Apr 2, 2011

First night of getaway

We are back in our room after a wonderful evening of stitching and getting to know everyone that is here.

The round robin with the four designers went extremely well and everyone seemed to really like the pattern.  "Friends Stitching Together" bell pull was a  beautiful piece and everyone enjoyed spending some time with each of the designers.

Another part of the evening was getting to check out what the designers had brought to show off at the Marketplace.  Can't wait for the shops to open in the morning so that I can spend some money.

The night ended with warm from the oven cookies and many prizes.   

The laughs started shortly after 6 and will be continuing for the rest of the weekend.  Will try and post more news through the weekend along with some pictures as time permits.

Apr 1, 2011

More Goodies

Well it's fun this morning in the shop and more goodies for the getaway arrived just as everyone is packing up stuff for the Getaway and Marketplace.

The package from Lynne Nicoletti arrived this morning and there were some goodies for the getaway in the package.

The vehicles are just about packed and ready to go so that Kathrin can get the shop set up and everything will be ready for when the everyone attending starts to arrive.

See everyone later today.

Mar 31, 2011

Packing bags

1 more sleep and that's it.

Have finally got the suitcase out and started to pack everything for the weekend.  It's hard to believe but after all the months of waiting this weekend is almost here.  Now, need to remember pajamas for pajama party, name tag, stitching project for the weekend, and of course the normal traveling items.

Look forward to seeing everyone this weekend.

Mar 29, 2011

More Goodies

Oh Happy Days!!

Today two more suppliers have been added to the sponsor list for the Getaway.
Norden Crafts
Glorianna Silks

3 more sleeps before the Getaway.  

Exclusive workshop Hint #3

Hint #3
Well the getaway is quickly approaching so it's time to show you another hint for the exclusive workshop.

I know that I am looking forward to stitching this piece as it is something that when it's complete will remind me of the retreat and everyone that will have attended.

I have started getting my stitching bag ready and making sure that I have my light, scissors, and my projects that I would like to work on during the weekend all ready.

Time is flying by and still need to finish my name tag, how about you?

Mar 28, 2011

More Surprises

This afternoon has been as wonderful as this morning. We received a shipment from another supplier, Kelsea Sales; they included an absolutely spectacular prize pack that will be used as one of the grand prizes at the banquet dinner.
I'm anxious to see what tomorrow will bring.

It's not too late!!!

What a wonderful Monday morning it has been.
Another sign up for the Getaway, bringing our number to 37.  It's not too late to join in on the excitement.
As our kids would say "Only 4 more sleeps".

We also had a wonderful surprise in the post this morning.  Stoney Creek has sent enough copies of a New Release for each attendee.  As last year our suppliers have once again been very generous.
See you Friday.

Mar 27, 2011

Sponsors List

As promised here is the complete list of sponsors, as it stands today.  I know Kathrin has requested goodies from a few more distributors.  She is anxiously awaiting their shipments.  If they make it in time, I'll adjust the list on Gitta's website, Events page.

A Needle Pulling Thread
Christine's Swedish Weaving
Brenda Franklin
Caron Collection
Crescent Colors
Daylight Lamps
Embroidery Canada
Enchanting Lair
Fleur de Paris
Gentle Art
Gitta's Charted Petit Point
H. A. Kidd and Company Limited
Hoffman Distributing Company Inc.
Jack Pizioli Enterprises (Royal Paris/Margot distributor)
JBW Designs
Jeannette Douglass
Kelmscott Designs
Rainbow Gallery
Rosewood Manor
The Printing Mill
Threadworx, Inc.
Victoria Sampler
Weeks Dye Works
Wichelt Imports
X's and Oh's

Wow, what a list, and wow, what a weekend it will be.

Mar 24, 2011

Getaway Goodies

I was at Gitta's yesterday, and the retreat "Treats" from Kelmscott arrived.  For those of you not familiar with Kelmscott designs, they make the gorgeous NeedleMinders.  Kathrin and I were both blown away.  Not only did Kelmscott choose a beautiful motif for the Getaway, they were generous enough to include 1 for each of us.

Just like last year, Kathrin managed to arrange a tremendous stash for the welcome packages, banquet packages and prizes.

Goodies have already arrived from:
Zweigart, Victoria Sampler, Jeannette Douglas, Rainbow Gallery, The Beadaddict, JBW designs, X's & Oh's, Christines' Swedish Weaving, Daylight, Kreinik, Caron Collection, Kelmscott, Hoffman Distributing, A Needle Pulling Thread, and H.A. Kidd (DMC).  I feel like I'm forgetting someone; I'll get the complete list from Kathrin and post the complete list of sponsors later.

Kathrin had also finished the 15-sided Biscornu for the Needleworkers Marketplace.  Each designer at the market has designed a pattern 20 x 20 stitches, and you can collect all by visiting each designer.  This is their "Thank you"  to you for coming to the Market.

Here is a sneak peek at the Biscornu,  The designer squares shown here are Jeannette Douglas, The Bead Addict, Kathrin's and Christine's Swedish Weaving

On the other side you can see the ones by Brenda Franklin, Carolyn Mitchell, Joanne Gatenby, Laura Dickson, and Britstitch. 

Remember all Getaway attendees get to enter the Market for free.  So don't forget to collect all the wonderful designs.

What a wonderful take home gift for everyone.

Mar 19, 2011

Round Robin Survey

To post or not to post?  That is the question!!
This is a constant dilemma among Barbara, Darlene and me.  Barbara feels that little teasers raise everyone's anticipation;  whereas I feel that seeing the entire finished project will raise the excitement to an all time high.  Having dropped by the shop today, Connie caught sight of the completed Round Robin bell pull, and immediately signed up for the weekend!!
So, I am leaving it up to all of you.  Send us a comment with your vote, whether you would like to see the complete project now, or do I concede and you'll see 2 more little snippets before it is revealed Friday night at the Pajama Party.

Exclusive workshop Hint #2

As we promised last week we would give you another hint as to what the exclusive workshop is going to look like once it's finished. 

This is another part of the exclusive workshop piece and it shows some of the flosses that we are going to be using on it.

By this time in two weeks if you are attending the Getaway you will have seen the finished piece and stitching away on yours.  If you want to register for any of the Needleworker Martetplace Workshops it's a good time to do so to ensure that you get into the ones that you want.

Mar 14, 2011

Getaway news

For those of you that want to hear a bit more about the Getaway from last year there is a wonderful article in the Spring 2011, A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine. 

You can also look at the archives of this blog (May 2010) to see some of the pictures from last year.

Here is a link to one of the pages:

Registration form
We have also included a link to the registration form on the left hand side of this blog so that you can register for the 2011 event.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Mar 12, 2011

Exclusive workshop Hint #1

With the getaway getting closer and everyone wondering what the exclusive workshop finished piece is going to look like, we have some hints over the next weeks to show you.

We have already showed you the colours that were being considering so here is a picture of one of the parts that is going to make up the finished project.

Hint #1 a corner

From now until closer to the getaway we will show you bits of the piece so that you can start to see what the project is going to look like. I know that Kathrin is busy finishing the piece so really looking forward to seeing the completed project myself.

Mar 11, 2011

Getaway menu

Well the menu for the weekend has been finalized and here it is.

Friday evening:
  Meet and Greet with designers and other attendees:  hot finger foods to enjoy

  Breakfast:  A Taste of Europe
  Lunch:  Bistro Express
  Afternoon Tea
  Banquet dinner: (here are the options)
     The highlited items are the set menu if no choice is made
    Soup or salad (one choice)
  • Potatoe leek soup with chive sour cream and bacon shards
  • Fire roasted tomato soup with basil oil
  • Caesar salad, bacon chips, foccacio crisp & shaved padano
  • Mixed greens with roasted red peppers, goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette
   Main course (one choice)
  • Grilled chicken supreme with carmelized onions
  • Pan seared Atlantic salmon with citrus glaze
  • Pork chop stuffed with Niagara stone fruit, maple syrup glaze
  • Wild mushroom risotto with grilled asparagus
      Back by popular demand ........

   Breakfast:  Breakwater Brunch
All the food sounds so wonderful and I know I have made my choice for the dinner and looking forward to the rest of the meals at the Waterside Inn.

Mar 10, 2011

Getaway is getting closer

Last night was the monthly stitch night at Gitta's and I have to admit it was a lot of fun as you can tell everyone is getting excited about the Getaway. 

Of course the ones that went last year were talking about all the fun that we had and spoke about the friendships that were made over that weekend.  Name tags were brought up and some people are finished and others still have to make theirs (only 22 days until getaway and counting).  Even the talk about name tags meant tons of laughs from the group.

Some of the stitchers are going to their first Getaway this year and wanted to hear what the hotel was like as well as the overall experience.  The hotel ensures that everyone has a good time and made to feel very special during the weekend.  The food is excellent and of course the company is indescribable and the Gitta's Gang makes sure that everyone has a wonderful time and forgets about everything other than relaxing, stitching and having fun.

Here is the group that was at Stitch Night busy working on their needlework.   
One of the ladies that is attending the getaway mentioned that her husband (not mine) had renamed the getaway and of course we all wanted to hear what it was.  So here it is:  "Gitta's Girlfriends Wild Weekend for Naughty Needleworkers (only bent needles and twisted threads allowed) *Hunky husbands may briefly visit if properly muted."

So the group last night sure helped bring back a lot of wonderful memories and also increased the excitement of knowing that the getaway is fast approaching.

Mar 4, 2011

Exclusive Workshop

This year's exclusive workshop for the Getaway is a Round Robin.  The Round Robin is divided into 4 parts.  During the 2 hour workshop you will have a 1/2 hour with each designer.

Jeannette Douglas, Laura Dickson, and our very own Kathrin Ellison have each designed a portion of a bellpull that symbolizes this weekend's theme "Friends Stitching Together".   The fourth designer in this group is Brenda Franklin;  Brenda is both a cross stitch and bead designer. For her portion, she has designed a beaded tassel to embellish the bell pull's tip.

The workshop will be held Friday evening, to keep your weekend free to relax, stitch in the stitchers lounge, shop at the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace, and/or attend more workshops offered by the designers exhibiting at the Market.

We had another stitcher sign up for the Getaway yesterday, so now there are 16 spots remaining for the Retreat.  With less than 1 month to wait, we have had quite a number of inquiries this past week.

Feb 14, 2011

Name tag ideas

People have been asking about the name tags and if we had some ideas for them.  We have collected some pictures of a few of the name tags from last year to show you what people did.  Some of the name tags were very simple and other one's a little more complicated.  It is up to each person what they do for their name tag and it's nice to see all the different ideas people come up with.

Last year one lady did her entire name tag in french knots and another lady did "Hello my name is" tag in cross-stitch.  So here are some pictures of some other name tags.

There is a contest for name tags at the Getaway so time to start thinking about what you are going to do for yours.  The name tag doesn't have to be fancy it's up to each individual what they do. Last year my name tag (Darlene) won the name tag contest.

Let's see what everyone comes up with this year.

Feb 4, 2011

Getting Closer

Was just sitting and looking at the calendar and realized that the Getaway is getting closer and closer. 

Have you started designing or stitching your name tag yet? 

In 8 weeks everyone that has signed up for the Getaway will be getting together and renewing old friendships from last year and establishing some new ones.  During that weekend everyone seems to be friends and share lots of laughs.

If you haven't signed up yet for the Getaway and are thinking about doing it, I can say as someone that was there last year it's a great time and you end up with wonderful memories.

Feb 1, 2011

The Early Bird Winners

Barbara came in this morning to help draw the names.  What a stressful job it was;  I want everyone to win.  But since only 3 can, we made it very official and drew names.

So, drum roll please!!!!!!!

The winners of the 2 Deluxe King Suites are:
Anne-Marie A. of St.Lambert, Quebec
Lorene S. of Auroroa, Ontario

And the winner of the 1 Bedroom Penthouse Suite is:
Samantha C. of Milton, Ontario

Congratulations Ladies!!!!!

But, of course, we are really all winners, because we're going to have a fabulous weekend.


Jan 29, 2011

Early Bird Draw

This coming Monday is the deadline for the Gitta's Getaway Early Bird Draw.  Tuesday morning we will draw 3 names from all those who are registered for the Getaway as of Midnight January 31st, 2011.  These lucky winners will have their rooms upgraded to a 1 bedroom Penthouse Suite or a Deluxe King Suite. Good luck everyone.

Remember to visit the website Gitta's for the registration form or contact the store.

Jan 28, 2011

Difference between Retreat and Marketplace

People have been asking us to explain the difference between the Retreat and the Marketplace  so here it is.
Gitta’s Getaway
Location : Waterside Inn,
Port Credit(Mississauga), ON

Date: Friday April 1st, Sat. April 2nd & Sun. April 3rd 2011

Gitta’s Getaway is an all-inclusive stress free weekend of 2 nights luxurious accommodations, meals, stitching, games and prizes, and fun.

An exclusive Round Robin workshop with 4 Canadian Designers.

Pajama Party, Sneak Peek of the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace, Welcome Package goodies, Banquet Dinner, help from 2 experienced Stitch Wizards, and shop at the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace.

Free access to the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace
Workshops held through the NWMP will have extra fees

For more information please visit the Events page at or  

Location : Waterside Inn,
Port Credit(Mississauga), ON

Date: Saturday April 2nd & Sunday April 3rd 2011

A needlearts show for designers to exhibit their designs and product lines, and stitchers to meet the designers, see what’s new and shop.

One Day and Two Day passes available
(you don't need to be attending the retreat to attend the MarketPlace)

Collaboration 15 sided Biscornu: Collect a free “thank you” design from each designer, and the finishing instruction will be your reward

Attend workshops held by some of your favourite designers.

For more information please visit

Jan 19, 2011

Round Robin Stash

I was in the store today and was able to get a picture of the stash that is being considered for the Retreat Round Robin.
Here are the colours that Kathrin, Jeannette, Laura, and Brenda are considering.
The hand -dyed silk will be Blue Grass by Gloriana, the solid colours are not yet confirmed.  All of these colours look so nice and now to see what colours are decided on.  The theme for the round robin is still being bounced back and forth so hope to hear soon what the final decision on the theme is.

Another spot has also been sold for the retreat so there are now only 17 spots remaining.

People have been signing up for the workshops and buying tickets for the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace.  Anyone attending the Getaway doesn't need tickets for the MarketPlace as they are included in the Getaway price.

More information when I hear some.

Jan 17, 2011

Retreat and MarketPlace news

The cold weather that we have been having here in Toronto hasn't spotted people from visiting the shop and signing up for the Retreat.  The number continues to grow and there are only 18 spots left for this year.  If you haven't signed up yet why not do it before January 31st when the room upgrade draw takes place.

For those of you waiting to sign up for the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace workshops, the page is now available.  Remember space is limited for each of the classes so the earlier you register the better chance you have of getting into the workshops that you would like to attend.

One item did come up at the store and it was noticed that the Project Parade form was not in the envelope we received when we registered, but don't worry.  The form is available at the store and will also be available when you arrive at the Retreat.

Jan 10, 2011

Retreat Round Robin

The exclusive round robin that is going to be held on the Friday night for everyone attending the retreat is starting to sound very interesting.  I know that the designers have narrowed down the theme to two ideas and are now thinking through which would work best.

The designers that are involved in the retreat round robin are:
     Brenda Franklin
     Jeannette Douglas
     Kathrin Ellison
     Laura Dickson

This exclusive round robin sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun and a design that is going to be special for retreat attendees.

Remember that the Saturday and Sunday workshops that are being offered are through the NeedleWorkers Marketplace and are not included in the cost of the retreat.  These workshops needs to be signed up for separately and the costs are separate as well.

Jan 8, 2011

Workshops listed

Was having a look at the Needleworkers Marketplace website last night and noticed that the workshops are now listed.  Now to start figuring out what workshops sound interesting and ones that I want to take.  I think all of the workshops sound interesting it's just what do I want to do.

The workshops sound like they are going to be a lot of fun and a chance to not just mingle with people from the getaway but also people who are attending for the day.

Remember that even if you are attending the getaway you need to sign up for these workshops separately as they are not included in the price of the getaway. 

Hope to have some more news later this week about the getaway so keep checking back to see what I have learned.

Jan 5, 2011

Registration number grows again

It's a new year and it's great to say that the number for the Gitta's Getaway has increased in the last couple of days.

The Montreal connection contacted the shop and will be attending the getaway this year. Five people will be traveling from Montreal to attend the event this year.

Remember the draws for the room upgrades will be done at the end of January so everyone that is registered prior to that date will be entered into the draws.

Work is on going for the workshops and the retreat so will post news as it comes available.  Under three months to go before the getaway so remember your name tags. 

If you have any questions with regards to the getaway, post them as comments to the blog and we will work on answering them.