Jan 19, 2011

Round Robin Stash

I was in the store today and was able to get a picture of the stash that is being considered for the Retreat Round Robin.
Here are the colours that Kathrin, Jeannette, Laura, and Brenda are considering.
The hand -dyed silk will be Blue Grass by Gloriana, the solid colours are not yet confirmed.  All of these colours look so nice and now to see what colours are decided on.  The theme for the round robin is still being bounced back and forth so hope to hear soon what the final decision on the theme is.

Another spot has also been sold for the retreat so there are now only 17 spots remaining.

People have been signing up for the workshops and buying tickets for the NeedleWorkers MarketPlace.  Anyone attending the Getaway doesn't need tickets for the MarketPlace as they are included in the Getaway price.

More information when I hear some.

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Shell said...

Ooooh! So pretty! :D