Feb 14, 2011

Name tag ideas

People have been asking about the name tags and if we had some ideas for them.  We have collected some pictures of a few of the name tags from last year to show you what people did.  Some of the name tags were very simple and other one's a little more complicated.  It is up to each person what they do for their name tag and it's nice to see all the different ideas people come up with.

Last year one lady did her entire name tag in french knots and another lady did "Hello my name is" tag in cross-stitch.  So here are some pictures of some other name tags.

There is a contest for name tags at the Getaway so time to start thinking about what you are going to do for yours.  The name tag doesn't have to be fancy it's up to each individual what they do. Last year my name tag (Darlene) won the name tag contest.

Let's see what everyone comes up with this year.

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