Apr 3, 2011

Day Two

It's now the end of the second day and some of the stitchers were in the lounge until midnight again tonight.  After a wonderful banquet dinner with many wonderful prizes, a number of stitchers quickly got back into pajamas to continue the pajama party that started last night.

Here is a picture of the Gitta's Getaway Gang taken just after dinner.
Gitta's Getaway Gang 2011
As you can see the friendships from last year are continuing and new friendships are being made.  Everyone is enjoying spending a weekend with like-minded stitchers.  The MarketPlace meant a lot of shopping, comparing of new stash, trying new techniques and chatting with designers that we love.

Have lots more to say but sleep is calling and there is still another day of sharing good times and creating lasting memories.

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teresa said...

it was fun again this year. great to see old friend from last year and meet new friends this year. the market place was great idea, got to shop and didn't have to put shoes on. can't wait until next year.
thanks everyone!