Feb 22, 2012

Stitching Lounge

As some of you already know, for Valentine's Day weekend I treated my husband (and me too) to a weekend away.  I took him up to The Rousseau Marriott.  We had a wonderful time.  Saturday afternoon we found ourselves a wonderful spot by large windows overlooking the frozen lake.  I stitched and my husband edited the photos we took on our hike that morning.  While I was sitting there I kept on thinking how wonderful is this;  this is the atmosphere I need to create for our Getaway.

 And then it hit me; the south banquet room at the Waterside Inn has huge windows looking south over the lake.  In the past years we have always held our banquet dinner in this room.  So this year, this room will be our Stitching Lounge; we will be able to enjoy those large windows while it is bright and sunny.
We may even open the doors and enjoy the fresh spring air.

Only 7 more weeks until another great weekend.  
A weekend spent stitching with friends, and no cooking or cleaning.
Is there anything better?  See you there!!

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