Feb 13, 2013

Best of both worlds

I have had many inquiries from those living close to the Waterside Inn, wanting to attending Gitta's Retreat, but sleep at home.  My first thought had been how can you have a true relaxing weekend if you go home each night.  After giving it another thought, and of course checking with the hotel, this year Gitta's Getaway will evolve to a new level.

For those of you wanting to participate in a pampered weekend of stitching, relaxing, playing games, winning prizes, great food, attending an exclusive workshop, and making new stitching friends, but sleep at home - No Problem.  At the end of the evening as some of us will retire to our hotel suites, you now also have the option of heading home and then rejoining the rest of us in the morning for breakfast and all the day's activities.
This of course will also save you the cost of a hotel suite.  The new Registration Form reflects this third option. 

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