May 1, 2010

The Friday Night Pajama Party

The ladies all arrived and received their welcome packages. Nine o'clock came and so did the stitchers, ready to stitch and all comfy in their jammies:Lots and lots of projects were brought to show off to one and all:

Being that we're all newly met, we had to play Bingo our way - to fill out your card, you had to find people that matched up to our clues. Everyone had a different card and it wasn't as easy as it looks (finding someone whose favourite colour is orange proved difficult and someone who finished a TW wasn't simple either!):
Naturally, we had to have a contest for who had the best jammies, who brought the cutest stuffed animal, who had the best slippers and a special secret surprise winner!
So, without further ado:
Best Jammies
(her shirt had a list of 10 reasons to cross stitch!)
Best Slippers
(who can beat Killer Bunnies!)

Next up - cutest stuffed animal:

(we're not entirely sure just what it is, but it *is* cute!)

And lastly, our mystery winner. We included a curler for everyone in their welcome package. What we didn't tell them was that there was one lone blue curler. The person who wore their blue curler won a prize, just because...

We love the jammies too!

Time to see what today will bring!


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

This just looks like so much fun! Wish I was there....

The Tourist, checking in from Chilly Hollow

Craftkitten said...

What a great weekend it was. It seemed to end too quickly.