May 3, 2010

Saturday Shenanigans - Part 1

Saturday dawned and the stitchers were all up and ready to go....The first workshop class started at 9 with Kathrin teaching her beautiful Dragonfly Scissor case. Here are some of the stitchers at work:And more stitchers at work:In part because we had soooo many prizes and in part because it's just fun - we had random prize draws through the morning and afternoon. Here's Sue (having just won a prize herself) getting ready to draw the next winner:

What was the strangest occurrence over the weekend were things like this:

Sue drew Connie's name from the box - the person sitting right next to her. At least 4 or 5 times when we did these random draws, the person drawing a name pulled the name of the person sitting right next to them. It was strange, but fun!
The Stitcher's Lounge was a busy place too:Lunch time seemed to arrive awfully quickly... The hotel tried to feed us well - look at our dessert! Creme Brulee - yummo!

By lunchtime folks were starting to think a little more about just who our Secret Stitcher would be. Our guessing time was over and it was time to find out.......

Our lounge got some beautiful additions while everyone was eating:
So who was it?

Haven't you figured it out?
Maybe I should make you wait longer, although I imagine some of the attendees will let it out of the bag..............

Okay, I won't make you wonder any longer.
We were so pleased to have this wonderful lady, designer and stitcher join us:

Charland Garvin from Charland Designs

Charland, along with her daughter Sydney were kind enough to join us for the afternoon and evening. They brought along a huge quantity of Charland's beautiful sterling silver pieces along with a whole big bunch of Charland's charts.
We were so lucky to have them come and join us and we spent a relaxing afternoon doing a little shopping, a little stitching and a lot of talking.

Here are some more pictures of the lovely things Charland and Sydney brought with them:

There's still lots more pictures to come, but I think I'm already taxing blogger's ability to cope. I'll try to post more later today or tomorrow. I still haven't discussed the Banquet!

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