Mar 24, 2011

Getaway Goodies

I was at Gitta's yesterday, and the retreat "Treats" from Kelmscott arrived.  For those of you not familiar with Kelmscott designs, they make the gorgeous NeedleMinders.  Kathrin and I were both blown away.  Not only did Kelmscott choose a beautiful motif for the Getaway, they were generous enough to include 1 for each of us.

Just like last year, Kathrin managed to arrange a tremendous stash for the welcome packages, banquet packages and prizes.

Goodies have already arrived from:
Zweigart, Victoria Sampler, Jeannette Douglas, Rainbow Gallery, The Beadaddict, JBW designs, X's & Oh's, Christines' Swedish Weaving, Daylight, Kreinik, Caron Collection, Kelmscott, Hoffman Distributing, A Needle Pulling Thread, and H.A. Kidd (DMC).  I feel like I'm forgetting someone; I'll get the complete list from Kathrin and post the complete list of sponsors later.

Kathrin had also finished the 15-sided Biscornu for the Needleworkers Marketplace.  Each designer at the market has designed a pattern 20 x 20 stitches, and you can collect all by visiting each designer.  This is their "Thank you"  to you for coming to the Market.

Here is a sneak peek at the Biscornu,  The designer squares shown here are Jeannette Douglas, The Bead Addict, Kathrin's and Christine's Swedish Weaving

On the other side you can see the ones by Brenda Franklin, Carolyn Mitchell, Joanne Gatenby, Laura Dickson, and Britstitch. 

Remember all Getaway attendees get to enter the Market for free.  So don't forget to collect all the wonderful designs.

What a wonderful take home gift for everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Ohh VERY nice. I am looking forward to seeing this in person.