Mar 19, 2011

Round Robin Survey

To post or not to post?  That is the question!!
This is a constant dilemma among Barbara, Darlene and me.  Barbara feels that little teasers raise everyone's anticipation;  whereas I feel that seeing the entire finished project will raise the excitement to an all time high.  Having dropped by the shop today, Connie caught sight of the completed Round Robin bell pull, and immediately signed up for the weekend!!
So, I am leaving it up to all of you.  Send us a comment with your vote, whether you would like to see the complete project now, or do I concede and you'll see 2 more little snippets before it is revealed Friday night at the Pajama Party.


mybearsnme said...

I think you should post a pic of the biscornu here :)

Anonymous said...

I think you should post the dull picture. I saw it today and it is beautiful. Sorry I will not be at the retreat.