Mar 27, 2011

Sponsors List

As promised here is the complete list of sponsors, as it stands today.  I know Kathrin has requested goodies from a few more distributors.  She is anxiously awaiting their shipments.  If they make it in time, I'll adjust the list on Gitta's website, Events page.

A Needle Pulling Thread
Christine's Swedish Weaving
Brenda Franklin
Caron Collection
Crescent Colors
Daylight Lamps
Embroidery Canada
Enchanting Lair
Fleur de Paris
Gentle Art
Gitta's Charted Petit Point
H. A. Kidd and Company Limited
Hoffman Distributing Company Inc.
Jack Pizioli Enterprises (Royal Paris/Margot distributor)
JBW Designs
Jeannette Douglass
Kelmscott Designs
Rainbow Gallery
Rosewood Manor
The Printing Mill
Threadworx, Inc.
Victoria Sampler
Weeks Dye Works
Wichelt Imports
X's and Oh's

Wow, what a list, and wow, what a weekend it will be.

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