Mar 10, 2011

Getaway is getting closer

Last night was the monthly stitch night at Gitta's and I have to admit it was a lot of fun as you can tell everyone is getting excited about the Getaway. 

Of course the ones that went last year were talking about all the fun that we had and spoke about the friendships that were made over that weekend.  Name tags were brought up and some people are finished and others still have to make theirs (only 22 days until getaway and counting).  Even the talk about name tags meant tons of laughs from the group.

Some of the stitchers are going to their first Getaway this year and wanted to hear what the hotel was like as well as the overall experience.  The hotel ensures that everyone has a good time and made to feel very special during the weekend.  The food is excellent and of course the company is indescribable and the Gitta's Gang makes sure that everyone has a wonderful time and forgets about everything other than relaxing, stitching and having fun.

Here is the group that was at Stitch Night busy working on their needlework.   
One of the ladies that is attending the getaway mentioned that her husband (not mine) had renamed the getaway and of course we all wanted to hear what it was.  So here it is:  "Gitta's Girlfriends Wild Weekend for Naughty Needleworkers (only bent needles and twisted threads allowed) *Hunky husbands may briefly visit if properly muted."

So the group last night sure helped bring back a lot of wonderful memories and also increased the excitement of knowing that the getaway is fast approaching.

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